Markon 5-Star Food Safety

Every case of Markon First Crop, Ready-Set-Serve, and Markon Essentials you purchase has met or surpassed Markon’s unparalleled standards with their 5-Star Food Safety program. The video below will tell you all you need to know about each step of the … Continued

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Food Safety Outbreaks

With the recent food safety outbreaks, Markon’s unparalleled standards are more important than ever. Every case of Markon First Crop, Ready-Set-Serve, and Markon Essentials you purchase has met or surpassed strict food safety guidelines. Markon’s 5-star program is based on … Continued

Produce in Disguise

Getting creative with produce is easy, it just takes a little thinking outside the box. Recent consumer trends have shown us that it’s not about where the vegetable and fruits are on the plate, but how they are used. This trend … Continued

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Charring Smoky Fresh Flavors!

The local harvest is in full swing, and once again Nicholas and Company has teamed up with East Farms to provide top-quality local and organic produce direct to your kitchen. Two of the biggest trends in produce preparations remain charring … Continued

Produce Update – From the Fields

It’s been almost unnaturally warm this spring, and the heat waves running through the West are impacting large growing areas. All major Arizona and California growing regions were impacted this last week due to a large spike in temperature. Heat-related … Continued

March Specialty Produce

As a proud supplier of Markon, Nicholas and Company is keeping up on specialty produce. Some of these may not be regulars on your menu, but you may want to consider these specialty produce items and add some unique flavor to your recipes. Cactus … Continued

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Healthy Food Choices

This much is clear—consumers want healthy food choices. They also want meals that taste delicious and don’t add to the ever-expanding national waistline. For years that meant removing things like fat and salt, but functional foods— nutrient-dense ingredients that add … Continued

Winters Bounty

In order to get you started with our first predicted food trend of 2014, clean eating, we’re going to give you an idea of what kind of produce you should add to your shopping list this week. Just because it’s … Continued