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  • Nicholas and Co Initiatives

    When COVID-19 hit our industry, Nicholas and Company made a concerted effort to quickly help our community. We have taken every precaution available to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect our employees and community as diligently as we can. Visitors to the office and product returns are prohibited. Our drivers and our warehouse team members are following strict sanitization protocols, and each of our trucks are equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. All company events have been postponed to later dates, Sales Meetings have moved to virtual platforms, company travel is suspended until further notice, and we are proactively monitoring the health of any employees still permitted to come to work.


    Our Initiatives
    Letter from our CEOs Re: COVID-19

    Curbside Take-Out Guides for UT, ID, NV, WY

    Many restaurants in UT, ID, NV and WY are staying open for curbside takeout.

    Curbside To-Go Restaurants

    Community Donations

     When our restaurant partners closed abruptly, or slowed to a crawl, we were sitting on an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Knowing we were limited as to where we could distribute over 32 mixed pallets of fresh produce, Nicholas and Company decided to donate proportionately to the following charitable outlets.

    Granite Education Foundation

    New Life Church

    Thayne Center at SLCC

    Kidsville Early Learning Center

    Nicholas and Company Team Members

    The Copper Onion

    Heber Food Bank – On behalf of Dairy Keen

    Utah County Food Bank

    SLC Food Bank

    Christian Center in Park City

    New Life Church

    Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

    Ive Farms Mobile Petting Zoo

    The Salt Lake City Mission

    The Other Side Academy

    The Salvation Army

    The Hogle Zoo

    Boise and Twin Fall Team Members

    Melaleuca in Idaho



    Tooele County School District

    The Salt Lake City Mission

    New Life Church

    The Utah Food Bank

    Events: Postponing and Adapting

    • All company travel has been suspended until further notice.
    • Internal Sales Meetings have moved to virtual platforms.
    • June 2020 Big Show has been postponed, date TBD.
    • We are reassessing our 2020 & 2021 Events Calendar on an on-going basis. More information to come.

    Onsite Safety and Sanitation

    • We have developed a strict protocol using the CDC, and the WHO guidelines for team members experiencing symptoms, or who have tested positive to help reduce the risk of further spread of the virus. Currently we have had no confirmed cases of Covid-19 at any of our facilities
    • Increased sanitation frequency in all community areas, including break rooms, conference rooms and rest rooms, doorknobs, and handrails. These high touch areas are sanitized and disinfected multiple times throughout the day.
    • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout all of our distribution centers and we have required our team members to be vigilant about hand washing and use of hand sanitizer.
    • Our drivers and our warehouse team members are following strict sanitization protocols and each of our trucks are equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.
    • We are requiring that our team members who can work from home to do so. For those that need to be onsite to do their jobs, we will closely monitor their health and require them to stay home if they are displaying symptoms that might compromise the health of others.
    • We have suspended visitors to our facility until further notice. Only team members, and a select few vendors are allowed on site to perform duties required to ship groceries daily.
    • All returns have been suspended until further notice.

    Virtual Sales Meeting Sept. 2020

    Access all presentations at once:


    Cheese Merchants:




    Moji Sushi:


    Papercraft- Clover Hinged:


    Papercraft- Purell Floor Stand:


    Shreiber Feta & Goat Cheese:


    Red Bull:




    Taylor Farms/Markon RSS:






    Ventura- Fryer Oil Cost Per Day:


    Wincup- Propak:


    Q1 Virtual Sales Meeting Jan. 2021

    Access all presentations at once:


  • External Resources

    External Resources

    To help you stay on top of the ever-changing conditions in the food industry re: COVID-19, links are listed below within the categories that provide valuable information relating to the pandemic, foodservice and restaurants.  

    Pop-Up Market Resources

    COVID-19 Food Industry Guidelines


    Temporary Retail Requirements for Restaurants — Retail Agreement


    Temporary Retail Requirements for Restaurants


    SSDC Comprehensive Guide to Reopen Restaurants

    Brakebush Supports Rebate - Save up to $500!

    Jennie-O Turkey Burger - Free Samples and Rebate - Save Up To $500!

  • Downloads


    The COVID-19 situation continues to progress quickly, and Datassential has been working fast (and furiously!) to provide the industry with insights we can use immediately. This is a time for our industry to band together! Datassential has made all of their Coronavirus research available free of charge. Links are listed below:

    COVID-19 Reopening Map as of 5.19.30

    COVID-19 Report 1: Coronavirus & The Impact on Eating 3.12.20

    COVID-19 Report 2: Fear and Response 3.17.20

    COVID-19 Report 3: Into the Home 3.19.20

    COVID-19 Report 4: Hands Off 3.24.20

    COVID-19 Report 5: Sheltered 3.27.20

    COVID-19 Report 6: Healthcare Operators 3.31.20

    COVID-19 Report 7: Pent-Up Demand 4.1.20

    COVID-19 Report 8: The Operator Story 4.3.20

    COVID-19 Report 9: C&U Operators 4.6.20

    COVID-19 Report 10: Making Money Move 4.8.20

    COVID-19 Report 11: Reinvention 4.10.20

    COVID-19 Report 12: K-12 Operators 4.13.20

    COVID-19 Report 13: Money Matters 4.16.20

    COVID-19 Report 14: The Trust Issue 4.20.20

    COVID-19 Report 15: Ready or Not 4.23.20

    COVID-19 Report 16: The Human Condition 5.1.20

    COVID-19 Report 17: The Next Phase 5.8.20

    COVID-19 Report 18: Where's The Meat 5.13.20

    COVID-19 Report 19: Here I Come 5.20.20

    COVID-19 Report 20: Health at Home 5.22.20

    COVID-19 Report 21: Operators Adjust 5.27.20

    COVID-19 Report 22: Pain Points 5.29.20

    COVID-19 Report 23: Not Out of the Woods 6.4.20

    COVID-19 Report 24: COVID Fatigue 6.10.20

    COVID-19 Report 25: Business & Industry Operators 6.12.20

    COVID-19 Report 26: Resilience 6.19.20

    COVID-19 Report 27: Finding Our Way 6.26.20

    COVID-19 Report 28: Temperature Check 7.24.20

    COVID-19 Report 29: Operators Dig In 7.31.20

    COVID-19 Report 30: Priorities 8.7.20

    COVID-19 Report 31: Staying Power 8.21.20

    COVID-19 Report 32: Open to Change 9.3.20

    COVID-19 Report 33: Life Goes On 9.4.20

    COVID-19 Report 34: Back in the Game 9.18.20

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