Donna Italia Authentic, Italian Pizza

Made from ingredients directly sourced in Italy, discover how authentic all-natural Donna Italia pizzas can appeal to both sit-down and take-out customers. Available exclusively through Nicholas and Company!

No Upfront Costs

Donna Italia enables your place of business to start selling Pizza without any capital investment or need for professional labor by providing a professional tabletop stone-brick oven FREE OF CHARGE as part of our Pizza subscription model. After understanding your needs, they will select the right oven that fits your service and start ordering Italian Pizzas!

Pizza has never been so easy

Delivered directly from Italy using authentic sources, Donna Italia frozen pizza are an amazing, customizable three-minute solution for small restaurants looking to provide authentic, all natural flavors to customers without the hassle of a brick oven.

Delivery Dining on the rise

Did you know that pizza is the top selling delivery item in the United States? With trending Millennials and Gen Z customers opting for delivery over sit-down dining, Donna Italia’s authentic pizza products are sure to appeal to diner searching for a meal on the go!

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