Our Brands, Only Better!

Nicholas and Company is excited to share with you some changes we’re making to our EXCLUSIVE BRANDS portfolio. After listening to feedback from our employees and customers, we have worked to evolve our brands into a more competitively aligned portfolio. Our new portfolio and brands may look a little different but will lead to an overall stronger strategy for us and a better experience for our customers.

To help best serve our customers, we’re

  • Introducing a tiered system in order to more clearly communicate brand architecture and product specs
  • Simplifying our portfolio and offerings
  • Strengthening our existing brands and shifting away less effective ones

New Tiers are Coming!

Operators have long relied on our quality, consistency and value. Now they’ll also benefit from a tiering system across all of our EXCLUSIVE BRANDS and their products. Tiers will appear on all external packaging and on internal packaging when applicable.** Tiers will not be printed on consumer-facing tabletop items and portion packs.


Home to our finest, most unforgettable products

  • Items are of the highest quality standard
  • Most products contain premium ingredients
  • Meets top grading levels, where applicable
  • Sure to create a standout experience for both operators and their customers


Equal to or exceeding a national brand

  • Synonymous with impressive quality and performance
  • Dependability that helps to build customer loyalty


Consistent quality at a great value

  • Strong base for an operator’s menu
  • Delivers flavor and back-of-house versatility

For more information please browse the following information below or contact your sales representative.