Beverage Products and Services

Full-service, dispensed and non-dispensed, beverage programs are the foundation of any operation. Nicholas and Company can help you develop a beverage program with your needs carefully examined. Several components go into providing a top-notch beverage program. It all starts with developing clear objectives and ensuring the programs are targeted to customers’ needs and area demographics.

Nicholas and Company leads the region in full-service, in-house beverage programs. We provide products and equipment needed to serve the many varieties of juice, soda, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Our beverage program begins with expert qualification and placement of the right beverage equipment for your operation. If you are looking to boost your beverage sales or provide your patrons with better beverage options, please reach out to your sales rep today.

Dispensed & Non-Dispensed Products

Nicholas and Company has exactly what your operation needs when it comes to full-service dispensed and non-dispensed beverage. We have a wide variety of coffees, teas, sodas, juices and hot chocolate.

  • Coffee: whole bean, ground, regular and decaffeinated in a variety of pack sizes and blends
  • Tea: iced tea and hot tea bags available both for individual cups and gallon sizes
  • Juice: dispensed and non-dispensed concentrate, ready-to-use and single servings available
  • Soda: single serving craft and organic options available
  • Hot Chocolate: regular and sugar free packets available for individual cups as well as dispensed
  • Other: bottled water, syrups, cocktail mixes and more

Equipment Service

Nicholas and Company provides beverage equipment installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency equipment service performed on-site by trained, experienced technicians.

  • Automatic, pourover and airpot brewers
  • Commercial juice dispensers
  • Commercial hot chocolate dispensers

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