Nicholas and Company Business Solutions

Our Business Solutions and Tools Department is guided by a customer panel, comprised of respected and experienced restaurateurs. In addition to the customer panel, Nicholas and Company offers the consultative insight of an in-house Business Solutions Manager, a comprehensive Marketing department, and selected partners in the web, mobile, and restaurant industries. Our team of Specialists and Consultants can assist you in everything from marketing to menu development, so you can focus on what you’re best at—serving your customers.


employeetrainingEmployee Training & Retention

Whatever your specific needs are, from training to tracking, we can offer a package of tools, references and partnerships. Whether it’s guidance, support, or outsourcing you are looking for—we can get you there! Learn More

marketingservicesMarketing Services

Marketing covers a wide range—from menu design and table tents to web and social media presence—we’ll connect you with the service, tools, or consultant to help achieve your desired results. Learn More

webandmobileWeb & Mobile Media

When diners have exhausted their word-of-mouth recommendations, are in the mood for something new, or want to use what’s at their fingertips to get dinner taken care of; you need to be available. Learn More

marketshareanalysisMarket Share Analysis & Support

In today’s growing landscape of getting out to eat, there’s a lot of competition for new and loyal business. We can assist you in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in the marketplace. Learn More

expensemanagementExpense Management

Identifying hidden costs, unnecessary expenses, and inaccurate estimates, then implementing systems using best practices, automated tracking systems and formulas will save you, the operator, time and money. Learn More