Keeping track of expenses is only the beginning of creating a profitable expense model for your establishment. Identifying hidden costs, unnecessary expenses, and inaccurate estimates, then implementing systems using best practices, automated tracking systems and formulas will save you, the operator, time and money.

  • Analyze top two controllable costs, food and labor, to ensure gap management process is visible
  • GAP identification and management process to maximize resources
  • Establish cost centers to better understand where you spend your money
  • Establish PARS on goods purchased to better understand, and streamline the ordering process
  • Establish theoretical base to your costs to measure your actual against, helping to identify gaps in profitability
  • Develop flow of expenses to a P&L to ensure your goals are consistent with your model
  • Analyze item-level costs and set the profit margin for your revenue stream to support your business goals
  • Understand state and federal labor taxes
  • Track all revenue and expenses daily, weekly, and monthly to expose gaps in your business model
  • Understand your P&L/Balance Sheet in order to manage your business and ultimately be successful

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