Web and Mobile Media

When diners have exhausted their word-of-mouth recommendations, are in the mood for something new, or want to use what’s at their fingertips to get dinner taken care of; you need to be available. Let us connect you with the time and expertise to get you established, noticed and help you stay relevant.

  • Implement a web-and-mobile—based table reservation system (Get started here and get the Nicholas and Company $100 discount!)
  • Set up online and mobile ordering for pickup and delivery (Get started here and get the Nicholas and Company $250 discount!)
  • Build a customer website for your restaurant. (Get started here and get the Nicholas and Company $500 discount!)
  • Manage your social media to promote specials and make it easy for your customers share their photos, experiences and best meals
  • Implement a point-of-sale system for fast and accurate ordering, communication between FOH & BOH, and sales tracking (Get started here and get the Nicholas and Company 20% off discount!)

The Importance of a Online Presence

Today, more than ever, it’s crucial to be involved in online marketing. There are an overwhelming amount of visitors to Facebook, Instagram and other media outlets alike, every single day. This generation is more than adept at searching and viewing information online. Several of your customers and potential new diners will first go to their mobile devices looking for directions, menu options, hours of operation and other information about your establishment before ever setting foot in the door. Generate more interest and intrigue in your business by creating an intuitive website, setting up Facebook and Instagram accounts, claiming your map listings on Google, and listing your business on industry apps like Yelp.

The Power of Mobile

Every young person seems to be tech savvy and knowledgeable with any media device available. However, it’s not just the young anymore. People of all ages are jumping on the mobile device bandwagon. The power of mobile is ever present in the food industry with mobile ordering, delivery, pickup, reservations and rewards programs. Diners take to their mobiles devices to review restaurants and share experiences they have while dining out. Be sure you are on trend with the latest and greatest in technology.

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