Commodity Beef

At Nicholas and Company, we partner with National Beef to offer our customers high-quality, fairly-priced, commodity, boxed-beef. Our commodity beef offers consistent 1/4’’ trim specifications, allowing the customer to increase their saleable yield.

  • Various trim specifications
  • Prime, Choice, Select grades, and No Roll
  • Midwestern grain-fed

Learn more about our commodity programs here.National-Beef-Packing-Logo

Commodity beef is processed by all major packers and includes cattle that are not included in a branded program such as Angus, Hereford or other breed-specific cattle. These cattle come from blended lots, are purchased on open bids, come from a variety of breeds and genetics, and can be steers or heifers.

Branded Beef

Branded Beef is breed-specific and typically offers higher quality and price points than conventional beef. Meet our primary partners in branded beef: Black Canyon Angus and Nature Source Natural Angus, both produced by National Beef.


Black Canyon Angus Beef
Always Angus, Always Delicious

From our steaks to our roasts to our ground beef, all of our rich and delicious Black Canyon® beef is 100% American, grain-finished Angus. Raised by Midwest family farmers, Black Canyon is USDA certified for exceptional quality and consistency. This tender, one-of-kind beef captures the essence of premium flavor that has made Angus beef the most famous beef in the world.

  • USDA Certified Program
  • USDA Choice Angus and USDA Select (slight 30-99) grades
  • Black Angus cattle
  • Overall A maturity
  • Midwest grain-fed
  • Angus ground beef program
  • Steers and heifers only

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Nature Source Natural Angus
Great Beef Starts at the Source

Our USDA-certified, natural Angus program allows the operator to serve beef free of antibiotics and added hormones. Nature Source Angus cattle are humanely raised in the American Midwest using methods that have a minimal impact on the environment.

  • No antibiotics or added hormones – ever
  • Midwest fed Angus Cattle
  • 100% vegetarian diet
  • Corn-fed, minimum of 120 days
  • Humanely raised and handled
  • Prime, Choice and Select grades
  • Overall A maturity
  • Ground beef program


Next Day Programs

Whether you’re looking for portion cuts, skinless, boneless, or something custom; we have a program for you.

Nicholas and Company offers custom value-added cuts from a variety of local and national vendors through our Next Day Program. Customers must place their Next Day order by Noon in order to receive it the next day. View our Next Day Programs flyer for more information.

Name Your Cut! Our partners Palace Meats and Majestic offer custom cuts to fit your menu needs.

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