Going Green in 2017

— January 17, 2017


At Nicholas and Company, we believe that sustainability is important. Whether it’s providing sustainable produce or increasing recycling efforts, Nicholas and Company is committed to sourcing realistic, easy options for the foodservice operators who may want to go green.

With 2017 now in full effect, Nicholas and Company is proud to announce a big change to its energy efficiency and green efforts. With the support of Fanlight Corporation and Rocky Mountain power, Nicholas and Company have converted 2,152 lights and lighting units to LED. This change will mean the new bulbs will burn brighter, longer and at a fraction of the energy consumption. Additionally, the old lights have been recycled to ensure that the company’s transition would be even more ecofriendly.

With the change, Nicholas and Company will save over 1.2 million kWh (kilowatt hours) a year, reducing our establishment’s carbon footprint significantly. A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide and compounds produced either by an individual or group. With this reduction in kilowatt usage, we have saved an equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions of 99,433 gallons of gasoline, 942,952 pounds of coal and 2,046 barrels of oil.

Given the success of the project in Salt Lake, plans are already being made to take similar actions to the Nicholas and Company Las Vegas distribution center.

Moving forward, Nicholas and company will continue to seek efforts to promote sustainability and green practice.