Our Brands, Only Better

Nicholas and Company has a wide range of choices for our clients from our Exclusive Brand inventory. In partnership with other selected independent distributors, Nicholas and Company leverages over $11 billion in annual buying power. Each product accepted into the Exclusive Brand family has undergone a rigorous application and quality selection process and has been tested nationally. Only the finest products are selected to be among our list of Exclusive Brands.

After listening to feedback from our employees and customers, we have worked to evolve our Exclusive Brands into a more competitively aligned portfolio. Over the next 3 years, improvements will continually be made to our Exclusive Brand inventory. For more information about this on-going transition please click here.


Brickfire - Wholesale Bakery Food

Brickfire Bakery

Brickfire Bakery® incorporates wholesome ingredients and traditional recipes to deliver raw, par-baked and finished goods that combine delicious flavor with operator convenience. From breakfast pastries to a variety of breads, cookies and other delectable upscale desserts, Brickfire Bakery® covers every daypart with ease while delivering homemade flavor that drives guest traffic and loyalty. For great-tasting baked goods, let Brickfire Bakery® be your in-house baker.


Bountiful Harvest - Wholesale Produce

Bountiful Harvest

Bountiful Harvest® products come to us courtesy of Mother Nature. After harvesting and packing, only fruits and vegetables able to satisfy our rigid quality and consistency specifications are set aside as entire lots for your exclusive use. Bountiful Harvest® offers delicious frozen potatoes and french fries, as well as minimally processed produce in canned, refrigerated, frozen and dried formats. Our products provide operators with excellent shelf life and pleasing taste, making it easy to serve a wide range of menu items packed with nutritious fruits and vegetables.



Culinary Secrets

Culinary Secrets® products are the chef’s secret to recipe success. The brand includes a wide array of essential pantry ingredients, including flours, soup bases and spices, that help chefs serve up consistently flavorful, satisfying menu items. Culinary Secrets® also appeals to consumers with attractively designed tabletop and single-serve condiment and sweetener packets. Culinary Secrets® will delight guests front-of-house, while pleasing chefs back-of-house.



cobblestreet - Wholesale Deli Food

Cobblestreet Market

Cobblestreet Market® delivers a complete line of prepared market foods and deli favorites, including delicious prepared meats and cheeses that have been popular for generations as well as new flavors consumers will be excited to discover. The line also offers convenient, time-saving selections from soups to entrées and sides, all of which look and taste scratch-made. Cobblestreet Market® is a true one-stop shop, ready to please guests.


everrich everfry_cmyk  everlight_cmyk

The EverBrands Family

The “Ever” family of brands is famous for high-yield, long-life fry shortenings, oils, pan coatings and liquid butter alternatives. Products under the EverFry® , EverLight® and EverRich® brands are top-of-the-line, giving operators the finest quality available. These high-performance products add ease to any deepfrying, basting, sautéing, grilling or broiling application. The “Ever” family of brands consistently delivers strong results measured in taste, appearance and overall finished food quality.




Fair Meadow

Fair Meadow™ celebrates the heritage of local farmers with an assortment of dairy products delivered right to your door. Delicious eggs, creamy butter and flavorful cheese are at the heart of our product family, demonstrating our attention to high quality standards. Fair Meadow™ brings the same simple, fresh taste of dairy that today’s chefs would expect from the farmers market, with the added assurance of availability and consistency.


Hidden Bay - Wholesale Frozen Fish

Hidden Bay

Hidden Bay® starts with the freshest and most flavorful wild-caught and farm-raised seafood from around the globe. Expert fishermen make it possible for us to deliver an array of frozen and canned offerings, from raw, cooked or lightly breaded shrimp, to cod, tuna, salmon and more. Hidden Bay® is committed to accurate labeling, as well as sustainable sourcing methods and rigorous product inspections that ensure quality and delicious results, every time.



Katy’s Kitchen

Katy’s Kitchen® products are the chef’s secret to recipe success. The brand includes a wide array of essential pantry ingredients, including flours, soup bases and spices, that help chefs serve up consistently flavorful, satisfying menu items. Katy’s Kitchen® also appeals to consumers with attractively designed tabletop and single-serve condiment and sweetener packets. Katy’s Kitchen® will delight guests front-of-house, while pleasing chefs back-of-house.


Markon Wholesale Produce


Since 1985, Markon has sourced, packaged and delivered a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables exclusively for Markon members and their foodservice clients.


Markon Firstcrop

Markon First Crop

Markon First Crop is Markon’s first and signature brand that includes traditional whole fruits and vegetables like apples, broccoli, lettuces, onions, and potatoes. Purchased only from our approved grower-supplier partners, these items must meet a strict set of requirements each and every time, including:

  • Dependable quality
  • Reliably high yields
  • Field inspections on key items
  • Backed by Markon’s 5-Star Food Safety® Program


Markon ReadysetServe Fruit and Vegetables


Ready-to-use, innovative, and economical, Ready-Set-Serve is a full line of fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices that takes prep work out of the kitchen and allows chefs to focus on flavor and creativity. Reliable and delicious, each of these products satisfies our high specifications, such as:

  • Consistent plate presentation
  • Time and labor savings
  • Reduced waste/disposal costs
  • Backed by Markon’s 5-Star Food Safety® program



Prairie Creek

Prairie Creek™ is a trusted brand that includes many popular, time-tested meat favorites that make it easy for operators to serve center-of-plate lamb, pork and beef items such as delicious bacon, burgers and hotdogs. Prairie Creek™ delivers consistent quality and flavor across all dayparts, along with the advantage of added profit that operators can bank on!


Pierport - Wholesale Frozen Foods

Pierport Seafood

Best-of-the-catch seafood, consistently fresh and conveniently customized. Pierport Seafood is premium fresh seafood packed to chefs’ specifications. High standards and expert cutters ensue that our entire selection—from unique varieties of whole fish to select fillet cuts and seasonal choices will always please even the most discriminating guests.



The Pro Series

The “Pro” series of brands equips the industry with a full line of food-safe disposable goods, small wares and cleaning solutions—the heavy-duty essentials that kitchens use on a regular basis. ProPak® , ProPower and ProWare® offer dependable products designed for the needs of foodservice professionals, everything from dishwashing soap and aluminum foil to napkins and flatware. Operators trust the “Pro” series of brands as a convenient onestop shop for dependable commercial quality and consistency .




Refresh, Restore, Revitalize Rejuv. Delight customers and energize profits with the pure refreshment of Rejuv cold beverages. Appealing, delicious and convenient. Rejuv is the foodservice professionals complete beverage system solution.


Silverbrook Wholesale Dairy Products

SilverBrook Farms

SilverBrook® specializes in delivering poultry for center-of-the-plate and accompanying menu applications. Our portfolio includes a variety of poultry selections available refrigerated or frozen, in an operator’s choice of raw or value-added products that are fully-cooked, par fried, battered or breaded. With our expert focus on poultry, SilverBrook® is well positioned in the foodservice industry. Operators appreciate our wide variety of quality poultry menu solutions that maximize guest appeal and profits.


San Pablo - Wholesale Mexican Food

San Pablo

San Pablo® brings the excitement and appetite appeal of “South of the Border” cuisine to your menu, lending a bold touch to recipes your customers will love. We offer a full selection of reliable ingredients and time-saving products, including salsas, guacamole, tortillas and more. Capitalize on the popularity of Southwestern fare with San Pablo®, delivering memorable flavor and dependable performance.








Tea is so ingrained in world culture that it has become more than a beverage – it’s a time of day. Trescerro Premium Teas turn every diner counter, hotel hospitality basket and noshery into a place to relax and reconnect. With flavors wonderfully paired to your customers’ moods – our tea is ideal both hot and cold. Trescerro Premium Teas delight the taste buds and allow for the satisfied feeling that comes with brewing the perfect cup of tea.



Ridgeline Coffee Roasters

Ridgeline Coffee Roasters knows that great coffee is the result of passion and experience. Their Master Roaster has been creating the finest gourmet coffee blends for over 30 years. When you serve Ridgeline Coffee Roasters brand, your customer will savor craft roasted, real coffee.


trifoglio - Wholesale Italian Food


Superlative products for the best Italian recipes. Trifoglio offers chefs the finest Italian style products for creating unique and traditional dishes for an authentic Italian dining experience.


Villa Frizzoni - Wholesale Pasta

Villa Frizzoni

The Villa of fine Italian style food products. Villa Frizzoni delivers a family of Italian style pasta products that give your recipes the taste of old world goodness.







Vista Verde

The Villa of fine Italian style food products. Villa Frizzoni delivers a family of Italian style pasta products that give your recipes the taste of old world goodness.


Windscapes Disposable Foodservice Products


Elegant performance on the go Windscapes features an attractive contemporary design complementing any décor and makes a great presentation for everything you serve. Windscapes disposables are practical too, for takeaway or in-house meals. From their sturdy construction to the large selection of product types and sizes, they make your job easier. Windscapes keeps your food, drink and your reputation for quality in style.