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Nicholas and Company sources only the best fresh seafood from our partner and Exclusive Brand vendor, Fog River Seafood. For any fish, seafood, and shellfish need, we specialize in high-quality, all natural, sustainable fish. Fog River’s “Seafood with a Story” approach ensures knowing where, how, and precisely when the product was caught, and who it was fished by; tracking everything from the sea to the shelf.

Fog River was founded on the philosophy of providing our customers with the best quality seafood available. For over 30 years, Fog River has been the premier local processor and distributor of hundreds of fresh, frozen, smoked, specialty, sushi and prepared seafood items in the Intermountain West.

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Locally processed seafood

Hand-cut for custom orders

Sustainably sourced

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Nicholas and Company is dedicated to providing our customers with the best support and highest quality products. All Nicholas and Company food products are stored and transported at safe, proper temperatures which never fluctuate and your food is always delivered at no additional cost.

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