We Drive, We Deliver!


Food Distribution & Transportation

We have an extensive fleet of over 100 trucks and trailers in varying sizes to efficiently and safely deliver quality products in optimal condition to our clients. Our delivery service professionals go through extensive training to ensure accurate deliveries. Nicholas and Company’s fleet is consistently being upgraded to maximize efficiencies and utilize sustainable practices.

Our top-of-the-line Freight-liner Tractors are equipped with the latest technology. PeopleNet onboard mobile technology and Drive Cam give us the ability to:

  • Communicate with drivers and track shipments in real time
  • Give truck diagnostics to minimize downtime
  • Look at historical delivery information
  • Monitor driver habits and traffic incidents

Top-of-the-line Refrigerated Trailers are equipped with the latest technology including:

  • Multiple temperature zones to ensure product integrity
  • 4’’ thick insulation to reduce temperature fluctuations
  • Patented pressure, pillow seal swing doors on rear and side to require less refrigeration
  • Tire pressure monitoring for maximized gas mileage
  • Improved loading and storage techniques to maximize space