Personalized Foodservice

We understand there’s a lot to consider when choosing a partner in food distribution. Our mission is to remove the complexity and challenge of finding the right resources and provide our customers with solutions that make sense for their unique business. We know every customer is different and we work with you to understand your wants and needs to create a relationship that works for you. We call it, Personalized Foodservice.

Whether you own a small sandwich shop or manage cafeteria services for a large school district, we tailor our services to best meet your specific needs. In addition to providing personalized foodservice, we aim to build and strengthen lifelong partnerships.


Literally the “love of honor.” A sense of love for family, community and country. A joyful hospitality and sense of nobility enshrined in Greek culture. The notion that we have an obligation to one another to make things better. The sense of right and wrong and the duty to do what’s right.


Our personalized foodservice gives you more choices for success. From our exclusive brands and partnerships, to the expertise of our employees we’ll make your vision a reality.


Nicco has been in the family since the beginning and represents our family’s passion for hospitality and food. Wherever you see Nicco you’ll find a Nicholas and Company team member working to uphold our mission and values.