We Recognize Our Impact on the Environment

Sustainability is a composition of several factors, especially in the foodservice industry. From our fleet of over 150, to our vendor community, we strive to make responsible decisions for future generations.

Vendor Partners

Our commitment to local and regional vendor partners is about all of us. It’s about the local economy, the carbon footprint, and the ethical treatment of land and animals. Our sales representatives help customers to source environmentally responsible solutions for food products, disposables, chemicals, and beverage programs. We offer consultation for every establishment striving to do a little more. Whether it’s meatless Mondays, going paperless, non-GMO and organics, and everything in between, we can help to make the change simple and cost effective.

Nicholas and Company is committed to sourcing options for the environmentally-conscious foodservice operator, making it easier for our clients to have greener operations.

  • Recycled, recyclable and decomposable products
  • Local, organic and natural products in all categories
  • Review of operations to decrease your carbon footprint

Facilities, Fleet, and Operations

Nicholas and Company has partnered with the SWCA Environmental Performance Group and implemented plans to reduce our carbon footprint. We employ over 600 team members and service over 3,500 clients in a 6-state area and we take our impact on the communities and families we serve seriously.

  • Upgraded Salt Lake City facilities to maximize efficiencies
  • Implemented comprehensive reuse, recycling and baling programs in the warehouse
  • Invested in newer model equipment (trucks, trailers and reefers) with the latest fuel saving technology
  • Utilize low roll resistance tires
  • Lengthen the life of tires with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Improve MPG year over year
  • Utilize the newest routing technology to reduce miles and our carbon footprint
  • Installed automatic cut-off switches on reefers when doors open