Immune Boosting Foods

Chef Derek Bugge has compiled a list of some immune boosting foods that you can either incorporate into your menu, or highlight as part of your existing menu.

Many of these foods can be used in conjunction with current recipes, or used as a side dish.


Adapting your restaurant for take-out & delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic and what comes after

If you have the capacity to operate your restaurant via Offsite Dining now, in the near future, or when the industry wakes back up again; bear in mind that our communities are in a state flux. When the current disruption subsides and the industry revives, the communities and culture we serve will have been transformed by this experience.

Offsite Dining will be a more significant aspect of foodservice than ever before.

Part 1: Preparation and Planning

Whether your restaurant(s) have been on the cutting edge of the offsite dining segment, a relative newbie, or somewhere in between; the following encompass traditional best practices as well as current innovations and/or considerations emerging from COVID-19’s impact on the industry

Part 2: Shifting Operations to Offsite Dining Opportunities

Offsite Dining can take many forms: Grab & Go, meal prep, drive thru, pick-up, delivery, 3rd party delivery, and so on. To trim the expanse of options, this piece will focus on the most common aspects: Takeout & 3rd Party Delivery and explore best practices, useful insights, and effective strategies for each.

Part 3: Marketing and Communication

3rd Part Delivery (3PD) has some marketing already baked in. Whatever you can do to drive more traffic to takeout will provide you with greater profits, more control, and overall better service. This article will be touching on standard channel best practices and techniques, but I’ll be placing a greater emphasis on promoting takeout, and techniques to convert your 3PD diners to start ordering directly from you.

For further support, feedback, or collaboration on this or other aspects of your operations as you adapt in these rapidly changing times, please contact us.