All-Natural Chicken by Wind River Farms

Raised without any antibiotics and 100% vegetarian-fed, Wind River Farms chicken is locally grown on the West Coast. Available exclusively through Nicholas and Company, this antibiotic-free, free-range chicken delivers the quality and value you demand, in an all-natural option developed to appeal to today’s increasingly discerning consumers.

Strides toward Sustainability

In an effort to lessen its environmental impact, Wind River Farms has implemented initiatives to increase energy efficiencies and reduce waste, and is also certified by the American Humane Association (an independent, third-party animal welfare organization employing science-based standards).

Committed to Quality

Wind River Farms takes pride in providing customers with unparalleled quality in all-natural protein products. Like all Nicholas and Company food products, Wind River Farms poultry is always stored and transported at safe, proper temperatures to ensure maximum quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction.


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