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Foodservice with philotimo - for our customers, our employees, and our communities.

"Philotimo is something bigger than any one of us. It's how we show up in the world, how we care for each other. It's always doing the honorable thing."

Nicole Mouskondis, Nicholas and Company CEO

Deeply Rooted in Tradition

Yiayia Anna & Pappou Nicholas’ wedding in front of a Greek “Kaffenio” (Coffee House).

When Nicholas Mouskondis formed this company in 1939, he emphasized that in his company, everyone plays a vital role, from employees, to customers, to members of the community. That is why our name is Nicholas and Company - Company is always spelled out to remind us that we're all part of a greater, interdependent community. That is the core of philotimo - it's something bigger than any one of us.

Today, we still believe in this vital interconnectedness. The fourth generation of Mouskondises are working for the company, starting on the floor, learning from the ground up. We have always been committed to being the best family-owned foodservice provider in the nation. And together with you, we are building a future on the shared love of food and love of people.

Pappou joyfully telling a customer to “Bring Your Face”.

Our Family Legacy

Nicholas and Company was created as an independently owned broadline supplier. That foundation has carried us through more than 80 years. And that legacy is still our vision for the future. We believe that only as a family-owned company in the food service industry can we provide our customers a genuine, effective partnership.

Pappou making a delivery.

Our Business Legacy

The advantages of staying family-owned have been tangible through our history. We are agile, adapting and innovating faster than corporate giants. We are stable, growing strategically and sustainably. We drive value for our customers through the highest quality and affordable pricing. We are invested, giving back to the communities we love so the love of food will continue for generations to come.

Giving Back

Our communities feed us emotionally and spiritually, the same way we help our customers feed their communities. We love participating in community events and celebrating growth together.
Pounds of food donated
Tons of material recycled
Community events hosted
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As one of the only independently-owned broadline foodservice provider in the Mountain West, we’re excited to have you join us.

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