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In order to offer you the very best in foodservice, we carry an extensive lineup of brands. You’ll find exclusively curated options as well as national favorites.


Almost a century ago Bavarian biermeisters developed the unique formula for Apple Beer as an alternative to beer. In the early 1960s, the company brought the drink to the Rocky Mountains. Apple Beer has remained a family-owned, Utah-based company for over four decades.

The Ford and Welsh families had a dream to build a creamery in the community they love. And in 2005, they did just that at the mouth of Weber Canyon in Ogden, Utah. Their commitment and a willingness to try new things has catapulted Beehive to the national spotlight, producing award-winning cheeses like Seahive Cheddar or Red Butte Hatch Chile.

Creminelli Fine Meats was founded in 2007 in Salt Lake City by Cristiano Creminelli, Chris Bowler, and Jared Lynch. Creminelli expertly blends old world traditions with modern techniques to create new flavor profiles for modern food lovers. They always produce in small batches to ensure our team has full control and only partnering with farms dedicated to treating animals humanely.

The Darigold brand legacy began in 1918. Representing 420 dairy farm families in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, Darigold produces a full line of dairy-based products for retail, foodservice, commodity and specialty markets. Darigold is one of the largest U.S. dairy processors, with 11 plants throughout the Northwest.

Farr’s has been making ice cream a tradition for families across the country since 1929, when they opened their first ice cream store in Ogden, Utah. In 2000 Farr’s acquired Russell’s Old Fashion Ice Cream of Salt Lake City, with its accompanying larger and more efficient plant.

For over 30 years, Fillings and Emulsions pastry chef and owner Adalberto Diaz has been honing his pastry skills. Chef Diaz has combined the cuisine and culture of his homeland with international and French techniques, to take breads and pastries to the next level with breathtaking flavor, texture and color combinations.

Fog River began in 1981 with one commercial Salmon boat fishing out of Kenai, Alaska sending a small hand-picked percentage of each day’s catch overnight to Salt Lake City. In the 40 years since, they have replicated that Alaska experience—sourcing fish they know something about: who fished it, where was it caught, how it was caught, and most importantly, when it was caught.

On a renovated 130-acre ranch in Woodland, Utah, Gold Creek Farms’ herd of Brown Swiss Cows supply buttery, rich milk for small-batch artisan cheese. Gold Creek Farms has practiced sustainable farming to create their award-winning cheeses.

For nearly 100 years the Kohler family has been producing premium milk in Utah’s Heber Valley. In 2011, the family built a new creamery and began using their farm’s milk to handcraft and age artisan cheese. Heber Valley Artisan Cheese is ranked among national champions, garnering awards from prestigious organizations like the American Cheese Society.

Lower’s Family Foods

Located in Richmond Utah, Lower's Family Foods has been bringing some of the finest meat and deli products to the market since 1927. They open oven roasts and naturally hardwood smokes all main line products for old fashioned flavor and appearance. Lower’s is a fourth-generation family business.

The Fox family started Salt City Baking Company in 2015 to provide authentic breads to restaurants in the growing Utah area. Passionate about locally-made artisan loaves, buns, and hoagies and other delicious breads, the Salt City Baking product line has grown to be over 100 types of breads baked for food service, retail, and private labeling.


Bountiful Harvest
Brickfire Bakery
Cobblestreet Mkt
Fair Meadow
IMPACT Responsibly Sourced Goods
Katy's Kitchen
Markon First Crop
Pierport Seafood
Prairie Creek
Ridgeline Coffee Roasters
Riverhill Poultry
The Everbrands Family
The Pro Series
Villa Frizzoni
Vista Verde

Food as Mother Nature Intended

Bountiful Harvest® products come to us courtesy of Mother Nature. Only the best fruits and vegetables that meet our rigid quality and consistency specifications are harvested and packed; available for your exclusive use. Bountiful Harvest® offers delicious frozen potatoes as well as minimally processed produce in canned, frozen and dried formats. Our products provide operators with excellent shelf life and pleasing taste, making it easy to serve a wide range of menu items packed with nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Artisean Inspired Breads. Indulgent Desserts.

Baked goods from Brickfire Bakery® answer customers’ longing for the taste of hearth and home. Crusty artisan rolls warmed and waiting in a basket at the table. Tender, streusel-topped and filled muffins for greeting or winding down the day. Craveable cookies. Indulgent desserts for celebrating special occasions or just everyday life. Crafted with wholesome ingredients and based on authentic recipes that evoke the time and care of traditional wood fired ovens, Brickfire Bakery® has the expertise. We step up with tiered options—from raw and par-baked to delectable, ready-to-serve items—suited to any price point, segment, daypart or menu. Dependably delicious creations from Brickfire Bakery® offer a significant point of differentiation, hold the line on labor needs and promote profitability.

Deli Success Starts Here.

The lights are on at Cobblestreet MKT.®, hitting the exposed, open-air steel and woodblock countertops to throw a spotlight on the freshly carved meats and cheeses that await. Aromas of deli favorites waft from the kitchen and the unbridled basics of yesterday meet the non-traditional twists of today—be it the hearty trappings of a towering sandwich stacker or maybe the artfully layered snackable grab-n-go for those with only moments to spare. From the beautifully-browned roasted meats and American classic cheeses, to the scratch-quality soups, salads, potato chips and pickles, Cobblestreet MKT.® serves food as it was intended to be served.

Simply Dairy Goodness, Every Time.

Fair Meadow® celebrates the heritage of local farmers with an assortment of dairy delivered right to your door. Delicious eggs, creamy butter, ice cream, sour cream and flavorful cheese are at the heart of our product family, demonstrating our attention to high quality standards. Fair Meadow® brings the same simple, fresh taste of dairy that today’s chefs would expect from the farmers market, with the added assurance of availability and consistency.

Together, Let's Make an Impact

IMPACT Responsibly Sourced Goods™ works to build a more sustainable world, one product at a time. Our promise is simple: Make it easy for operators to secure a wide range of products that combine proven performance with measurable eco-friendly benefits. IMPACT Responsibly Sourced Goods™ leverages cutting-edge Quality Assurance capabilities and a deep supplier network to benefit operators and those they serve. Good business is built on smart decisions; thrive today while making an IMPACT on tomorrow.

Where Fun and Great Taste Meet.

Intros® offers a wide variety of crowd-pleasing appetizers that drive customer loyalty. Enhance the dining experience with a delicious assortment of classic favorites, popular ethnic varieties and on-trend hors d’oeuvres. Convenient, labor saving Intros® add craveable appeal to any menu, catering opportunity or event—sure to delight your patrons.

Great Recipies Start Here.

Katy’s Kitchen® is the chef’s foundation to recipe success. The brand offers a wide array of essential pantry ingredients that help chefs serve up consistently flavorful, satisfying menu items. The selection includes all the staples from spices and flour to soup bases and nuts, dessert mixes, syrups and toppings. Katy’s Kitchen® also appeals to consumers with attractively designed tabletop and single-serve condiment and sweetener packets. Katy’s Kitchen® will delight guests front-of-house, while pleasing chefs back-of-house.

"Markon First Crop is Markon’s first and signature brand that includes traditional whole fruits and vegetables like apples, broccoli, lettuces, onions, and potatoes. Purchased only from our approved grower-supplier partners, these items must meet a strict set of requirements each and every time, including: Dependable quality Reliably high yields Field inspections on key items Backed by Markon’s 5-Star Food Safety® Program"

Your Port of Call For the Finest Seafood.

Pierport® starts with the freshest and most flavorful wild-caught and farm-raised seafood from around the globe. Expert fishermen make it possible for us to deliver a vast array of offerings. Pierport® is committed to sustainable sourcing methods and rigorous product inspections that ensure quality and delicious results, every time.

Great American Favorites

Prairie Creek® is a trusted brand that includes many popular, great American favorites that make it easy for operators to serve center-of-plate, beef, and pork items such as delicious bacon, burgers and hot dogs. Prairie Creek® delivers consistent quality and flavor, along with the advantage of added profit that operators can bank on!

Flavor First

Tastes evolve, and so should your menu. Inspired by trends in urban juice craft, Rejuv® delivers an innovative beverage lineup that keeps pace with customer expectations and operator demands. Wrapped in bold and sophisticated packaging with convenience front and center, this brand is smart inside and out. Count on Rejuv® to put your best flavor forward, from portable juices and waters to dispensing systems and mixers that position you to succeed.

Brewing Up Distinctive Beverages

Ridgeline® rises to the top with an exceptional collection of hot and cold beverages that will exceed your guests’ expectations. Famous for craft-roasted coffee, Ridgeline® now offers distinctive cappuccino mixes and flavorful hot cocoas to reflect the contemporary coffeehouse experience. Offer up a memorable occasion by brewing up distinctive beverages.

Profitable Poultry Solutions

Riverhill Poultry® specializes in delivering poultry for center-of-the-plate and accompanying menu applications. As your poultry experts, our portfolio includes a variety of poultry selections available refrigerated or frozen, in an operator’s choice of raw or value-added products that are fully-cooked, par fried, battered or breaded. With our expert focus on poultry, operators appreciate our wide variety of quality poultry menu solutions that maximize guest appeal and profits.

EverFry®, EverLight® and EverRich® Brands: these three Ever Brands make up a family of premium fry shortening, pan coating, liquid butter alternative—all with trans fat free options. The “Ever” family of brands provides high performance and yields, with the very best taste, appearance and overall finished food quality. These products are formulated to outperform similar existing foodservice products. For crispier, tastier fried foods, EverFry® is the brand to choose.

Clean, Store and Serve with Confidence.

The “Pro” series of brands equips the industry with a full line of food-safe disposable goods, small wares and cleaning solutions—the heavy-duty essentials that kitchens use on a regular basis. ProPak® , ProPower and ProWare® offer dependable products designed for the needs of foodservice professionals, everything from dishwashing soap and aluminum foil to napkins and flatware. Operators trust the “Pro” series of brands as a convenient onestop shop for dependable commercial quality and consistency.

Steeped in Deliciousness

Tea is so ingrained in world culture that it has become more than a beverage—it’s a time of day. Trescerro® Premium Teas turn every diner counter, hotel hospitality basket and noshery into a place to relax and reconnect. With flavors wonderfully paired to your customers’ moods—our tea is ideal both hot and cold. Trescerro® Premium Teas tickle the taste buds and allow for the satisfied feeling that comes with brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Essence of Italian Fare.

Villa Frizzoni® is home to a family of enticing Italian ingredients that truly inspire culinary creativity. From the neighborhood pizzeria to the white-tablecloth ristorante, our versatile products fit the needs of any operation and encourage the development of signature dishes with ease. Villa Frizzoni® features tempting products that have been carefully selected to reflect the heritage and flavorful essence of Italian fare.

Taste the Tradition

Vista Verde® brings the excitement and appetite appeal of “South of the Border” cuisine to your menu, lending a bold touch to recipes your customers will love. We offer a full selection of reliable ingredients and time-saving products, including salsas, guacamole, tortillas and more. Capitalize on the popularity of Mexican cuisine and ingredients with Vista Verde®, delivering memorable flavor and dependable performance.

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Bountiful Harvest

Brickfire Bakery

Cobblestreet Mkt

Fair Meadow

IMPACT Responsibly Sourced Goods


Katy's Kitchen

Markon First Crop

Pierport Seafood

Prairie Creek


Ridgeline Coffee Roasters

Riverhill Poultry

The Everbrands Family

The Pro Series


Villa Frizzoni

Vista Verde

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Meadowvale, inc.*
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Megamex/hormel/authentic speciality
Michael foods fzn
Michael foods/cooler
Michael foods/potatoes
Michigan turkey producers*
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Ming hong/panda
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figures, inc.
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Musco olive products**
My grandma's of new england**

Nardone brothers baking co inc**
National beef packing co llc**
National checking company**
National checking/delivered
National food group*
National frozen food corporation
National pasteurized eggs
National steak processors
National steak processors, llc.
National sugar
Nature jim's**
Nature's indulgence**
Nebraska popcorn sales, inc.
Neil jones food company**
Nestle usa***
Nestle waters/delivered
Nestle/chef america
Nestle/quick dispense
Nestle/stouffer foods
New england food
New wincup holdings, inc.
Newly wed/pendelton
Newly weds foods, inc** Niagara bottling, llc.
Niagara bottling/avendra
Nicholas and co., Inc.*
Nippon shokken usa inc**
Northland cheese
Northwest dist/lancaster
Northwest distribution
Noshman's bagel* Nowpak, inc.
Nu packaging/kneaders
Numi, inc**
Nutri-bon distribution** Ohio processors, inc.

Ok foods inc./Sonic
Ok foods inc**
Ok foods, inc. Burgerking
Ok foods/albertsville**
Ok foods/albertville** Ole mexican foods, inc.
Omar medical supplies, inc.
Oneida ltd.**
Ontario ltd. O/a upper crust*
Orange bakery**
Orca bay seafood**
Oregon ice cream,llc.
Original bagel company**
Orlando food sales inc.*
Orleans international, inc.
Osi industries,llc** Otis mcallister, inc.
Ott food products llc*
Overhill farms, inc*
Overhill farms/delivered
Ozark mountain poultry, inc*

Pacific cheese**
Pacific coast producers*
Pacific coast/yakima
Pacific coral seafood**
Pacific seafood group
Pacific supreme co**
Pactiv packaging san bernardino
Pan pacific
Panapesca usa llc*
Papa pita bakery**
Papercraft inc.**
Papercraft/special orders 28 days Par-way tryson company
Paradise tomato kitchen**
Paterson pacific parchment Paterson pacific parchment co** Pco foods, inc.
Pecan delux/sonic
Pecan delux/sonic/cooler
Pecan deluxe candy co** Peco foods**
Peerless coffee company
Peet's coffee**
Pegasus foods inc**
Peking noodle co. Inc.**
Pendleton flour mills llc/grain craft**
Peppers unlimited of la, inc.*
Pepsico bottling group,llc/proud source
Pepsico chilled dsd
Pepsico/tropicana products
Perdue farms inc**
Perfect pasta, inc.*
Peterson company***
Philadelphia macaroni company
Piccadilly limited, lc**
Pilgrim's pride/popeye's
Pilgrims pride corp*
Pilgrims/golden corral
Pilgrims/professional food systems
Pilgrims/raising canes
Pilot trading company inc. Dba pilot brands Pinnacle plastics, inc*
Pitman farms inc./Norbest
Pitman farms/norbest/frozen
Pnw veg co. Llc. Dba norpac
Pnw veg co/panda
Pocino foods** Pocino foods/cooler
Post consumer brands, llc.
Pratt retail speciatlties, llc.
Premier foods**
Produce alliance, llc.
Produce alliance, llc/cane's
Producers rice mill, inc*
Proguard service & solutions*
Puritan bakery

Quality candy co.**
Quick dispense

R.C. Bigelow, inc.**
Randolph packing**
Rational cooking systems inc **
Rc provision*
Ready foods**
Ready pac foods**
Rebel chemical, inc.
Red bull north america
Red chamber co.**
Red gold, inc.*
Reily foods
Rema foods*
Rembrandt enterprises, inc.
Remcoda, llc.
Reser's fine foods**
Resers/lynn wilson products freezer
Resource sales & marketing**
Revolution consumer solutions
Rhodes international inc** Ria distributing, inc.
Riceland foods
Rich sales*
Rip van, inc. Rite-way meat packers inc** Riverence provisions, llc.
Rjb properties*
Rochester meat co**
Rocky mountain eggs**
Rocky mountain pies
Rocky mountain spice company**
Roland food corp **
Roland foods, llc.**
Roland foods/new york
Ronpak, inc/bk*
Rose and shore meat co, inc.**
Rose packing co*
Rotella's italian bakery, inc.

S & d coffee inc**
S. Martinelli & co**
S.A. Piazza & assoc. Llc**
Sabatino north america*
Sabert corp.**
Salt city baking company
Sanderson farms, inc*
Sanzo brands, inc.
Saputo cheese co/1 week
Sara lee bakery Sara lee/bimbo
Saratoga food specialties
Sartori company*
Savory creations international**
Savr llc. Dba tsue chong company
School food enterprises corp**
Schreiber foods subway
Schreiber foods**
Schreiber foods/blocks
Schreiber foods/burger king
Schwan's food service**
Sea watch international** Seascape, inc.
Select product subway**
Sevillo fine foods,inc**
Shake smart, inc.
Shasta beverages inc.**
Shawnee milling company*
Shearer's foods,llc.**
Shepherds processed eggs**
Shirley j ventures llc**
Shoei foods (usa) inc.**
Siena foods, llc.*
Sioux honey association*
Slide ridge* Smart foods 4 schools Smith teamaker, llc.
Smithfield farm/frozen
Smithfield farmland
Smithfield packaged meats sales corp**
Smithfield/curly's foods
Smithfield/patrick cudahy
Soda butler corp. Of america
Sofo foods of ohio
Soul shine farms Soup bases loaded, inc.
South georgia pecan co., Inc.
Southwest baking co.
Southwind foods inc
Southwind foods inc.
Southwind marketing
Specialty packaging inc
Ssdc chemical
Ssdc chemical/kay chemical**sonic
Stampede meat inc**
Stampede meat/panda
Stanislaus food products*
Sterno products/candle lamp co llc**
Stewart sutherland inc** Stock yards chicago
Stone ground bakery, inc.
Stone meat inc**
Stratas foods llc**
Stratas/panda oil
Sugar creek foods int'l inc**
Sugar foods corporation**
Sugardale Sun orchard, llc*
Sunburst farms,llc.
Sunburst farms/frozen
Super bakery
Superior farms inc**
Supply chain services,llc**bk
Surlean foods
Sustainable agave, ltd.
Sweetly divine**
Swiss american sausage co**
Sws inc**
Sws inc**

T r toppers**
T r toppers/dairy queen
T r toppers/sonic
T. Marzetti company**
T.Marzetti company**
Tampa bay fisheries inc*
Tampa maid foods inc**
Tasty brands*
Taylor farms colorado*
Taylor farms**
Taylor mountain west
Taylor precision products inc** Teasdale foods, inc.
Teeny foods corp.** Texas chili company**
The american bottling co.
The cdm company, inc.
The dallas group of america
The fathers table**
The food exchange, llc.
The green valley pecan co**
The king arthur flour company,inc* The sugarman of vermont, inc.
The sygma network*
The vegetable express llc**
Thriv drink project
Tooele valley meats**
Treasure foods - dry
Treasure valley coffee, inc.**
Tree top inc.**
Trident seafood corp**
Trinidad/sterling co
Tronex healthcare
Tronex international inc**
Tropic ice holdings, llc.*
Tropical paradise inc. Dba cool tropics
Turano baking company*
Twin rivers foods
Two rivers
Tyson foods, inc.***
Tyson foods/halthom city
Tyson foods/raising canes
Tyson foods/raising canes roger
Tyson prepared
Tyson prepared
Tyson refrigerated vernon tx
Tyson/burger king

Ultraviolet, inc*
Unfi inc**
Unique manufacturing company
United food group llc**
United pickle products corp.
Upstate farms cooperative inc**
Us bakery/franz* Van lang foods**

Van law food products, inc.
Vanee foods ****
Veg fresh farms*
Veg fresh farms/bk
Vendor / broker information vendorname
Ventura bk
Ventura dry-st joseph
Ventura dry/st. Joseph panda
Ventura foods,subway Ventura foods/ontario
Ventura foods/waukesha
Ventura/sonic delivered
Victoria pacific trading corp*
Vie de france - denver**
Vienna beef /cooler
Vienna beef ltd
Vienna beef/popeye's
Vincent giordano corp*
Vox printing, inc* Walker foods, inc.*** Wallace packaging, llc.

Walters bay international, llc.
Wayne farms, llc.
Wei sales, llc*
Wei-chuan usa, inc*
Wells dairy/blue bunny
West coast prime meats*
West point dairy products llc** Western buffalo, llc.
Western nut company**
Westin packaged meats**
White toque/dry
White toque/frozen
Winco industries co**
Wing nien foods**
Winona foods inc**
Winona foods inc/moes
Winsight international solutions*
Wna city of industry**
Wonton/pei wei
Woodland foods (stock)
Woodland foods/drop ship
World centric**
Wow! Factor desserts

Yangs 5th taste/lings** Young guns, inc.

Zenex international*
Zenith speciality inc special print
Zenith speciality inc.**

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Markon First Crop

Markon First Crop is Markon’s first and signature brand that includes traditional whole fruits and vegetables like apples, broccoli, lettuces, onions, and potatoes. Purchased only from our approved grower-supplier partners, these items must meet a strict set of requirements each and every time, including:

  • Dependable quality
  • Reliably high yields
  • Field inspections on key items
  • Backed by Markon’s 5-Star Food Safety®

ProgramMarkon's unique plant-to-plate traceability program ensures your produce is always fresh and guaranteed safe.

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