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We’re More Main Street Than Wall Street

Since 1939, our family has delivered quality and integrity—in our business, our products, and our relationships. Founded by Nicholas Mouskondis 80 years ago, Nicholas and Company is third-generation family owned and operated. With both our family and our business rooted in the community, we’re the local choice for foodservice.

What started as a small operation in Nicholas Mouskondis’ home has grown into the single largest independent food distribution service in the Intermountain West. We continue to grow as new partners experience our quality and integrity for themselves! So whether you’re just starting out, or represent a vast, international food chain, Nicholas and Company understands what you need to succeed.

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Philotimo represents our Greek heritage, and literally means: “love of honor.” Philotimo is our core operating principle, and we strive for it in everything we do. It’s a joyful hospitality and sense of nobility enshrined in Greek culture, a love of family and community. It is the notion that we have an obligation to serve one another – to do what’s right, no matter what!

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Giving back to the community

With such a longtime legacy in Utah and the West, we feel called to give back to the communities we’re part of. That’s why we sponsor local food and charity events and support the Utah Food Bank through volunteer hours and large donations of food after every food event we host. Whether it’s providing sustainable produce or increasing recycling efforts, we are also committed to sourcing realistic, ecologically-responsible options for the foodservice operators.

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