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Food Distribution & Transportation

We have an extensive fleet of over 100 trucks and trailers in varying sizes to efficiently and safely deliver quality products in optimal condition to our clients. Our delivery service professionals go through extensive training to ensure accurate deliveries. Nicholas and Company’s fleet is consistently being upgraded to maximize efficiencies and utilize sustainable practices.

locations map
Salt Lake City Night scene

Salt Lake City, UT

5520 Harold Gatty Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Office: 801-531-1100

Some of the many features of the SLC warehouse include:

  • Eight temperature zones plus a ripening room
  • 36,500 product slots
  • 26 refrigerated and 17 dry dock doors
  • Secure facility with 24/7 guards
  • Sustainable building design
  • 13 million cubic foot facility
  • 5.0 million cubic foot dry warehouse
  • 2.2 million cubic foot cooler
  • 3.0 million cubic foot freezer
  • 1 million cubic foot offices
  • 1 million cubic foot battery room
Las Vegas Sunset scene

Las Vegas, NV

5670 Nicco Way
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Office: 801-531-1100

Nicholas and Company’s newest facilities opened in Las Vegas in the summer of 2014. This new distribution center maximizes our capabilities to serve our clients with an even greater reach.

  • 7.1 million cubic foot facility
  • 2.9 million cubic foot dry warehouse
  • 2.3 million cubic foot cooler
  • 1.3 million cubic foot freezer
  • .4 million cubic foot offices
  • 1 million cubic foot Engine Room
Reno City night scene

Reno, NV

7935 Sugar Pine Court
Reno, NV 89523

Contact: Terri Gilmore, General Mgr
Direct Line: 775-787-2807

C&M Food Distributing, much like Nicholas and Company, has a history rooted in family ideals. From its humble beginnings in Sparks, Nevada, the Forte family founded and built a company that is devoted to its employees as well as to the needs of their customers. By joining forces with the Nicholas and Company family, C&M Food Distributing can continue to provide outstanding products and service, but will now have the capabilities to grow their business throughout and beyond Northern Nevada.

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