Center of Plate

We’ve been a local business for over seven decades. Naturally, our center of plate specialties include a variety of local and organic options. We also offer commodity and branded beef, chicken and pork, meatless options and fresh and frozen seafood—all with next day delivery available. For every center of plate offering, we have a dedicated specialist on staff to offer advice and recommendations, as well as hands-on training of proper cutting and trimming techniques.



When it comes to produce, we don’t settle for anything but the best. That’s why we’re an owner of Markon—the premiere source of all our fresh produce. As an owner, we control the quality of our offerings from field to truck to table. Markon has a 5-Star Safety Program with full trackability, as well as a dedicated quality assurance team. In addition, our facilities include a high-tech produce cooler with six temperature zones and ripening control capabilities, a tomato ripening room and repack facilities.

Beverage Products

Beverage Products and Services

We do more than just provide coffees, teas, sodas, juices, bottled water, mixers and hot chocolate: We help guide the selection, placement, and installation of the right beverage equipment for any customer. With full-service beverage options plus equipment leasing, installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair, we’re a commercial beverage partner you can depend on. Let us help you create a custom beverage program, tailored to your and your customers’ needs.

Wine Glasses

Full-Service Chemical Programs

Far more than a product catalog, we take the time to understand your specific food retail needs. We work with you to determine the appropriate chemical program for your business—always keeping in mind the latest industry regulations and best practices, and our experience over decades in the industry. Chemical programs from Nicholas and Company include equipment installation, maintenance and emergency service, in addition to all products.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

In addition to our product selections, we go the extra mile by building true partnership and helping our clients identify ways to become even more successful. We offer employee training programs, Level 1 Wine Training with certification, and even food safety courses. Our customers can also request an exclusive market share analysis report, which includes competitive intelligence, industry metrics, and areas for growth opportunity.


Food Distribution Services

We have an extensive fleet of over 100 trucks and trailers equipped with the latest technology to efficiently and safely deliver quality products in optimal condition to our clients. We’re proud of our broad reach, which includes Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Eastern Oregon as well as some very remote areas. All of our distribution technology and efforts enable us to achieve one goal: getting it right, getting it fresh, and getting it fast for our valued customers.

Exclusive Brands

Exclusive Brands

Only the finest products are selected to be among our list of Exclusive Brands. In partnership with other selected independent distributors, Nicholas and Company leverages over $11 billion in annual buying power. Each product accepted into the Exclusive Brand family has undergone a rigorous application and quality selection process and has been tested nationally, and we offer a wide range of Exclusive Brand inventory.

Online Ordering

Easy Online Ordering & Bill Pay

You can place and review orders from your mobile device with our free Nicco Mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices. This innovative new app offers messaging, shows associated products (like lids that fit a selected cup), and product images along with links to recipes and tips. You can even place a re-order simply by scanning the barcodes of what’s currently on your shelves. We also offer desktop ordering and bill pay via PowerNet. “Place an Order” and “Online Bill Pay” are conveniently located on the top menu bar of this site.

  • Independently Owned

    waiter serving guests


    As a family-owned local business, we pride ourselves on personal service and true partnership. We’re also proud of our broad reach, which includes Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Eastern Oregon as well as some very remote areas. The depth of our offerings means we are able to accommodate and source nearly any proprietary product.

  • Large Chain Restaurants

    Subway restaurant interior

    Quality and reach

    With the help of DMA partners, we are able to support very large franchisees throughout the US. As a broadline distributer, we can source many brands and specialty products that competitors cannot. Plus, our personal service creates a real relationship.

  • Healthcare & Government


    Understanding Unique Needs

    Long-term care, hospitals and other institutional healthcare programs have unique needs. We understand the challenges your directors face: special dietary needs, chemical cleaning, laundry operations and more. Our products are designed specifically for the healthcare segment, which means that we’re thinking about regulations and nutritional guidelines from the start


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